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Outdoor Program Pledge

Our founder, Juliette Gordon Low loved the outdoors! Our market research says today's girls do, too!

Take the Girl Scout pledge for getting girls outside:

Every Girl Scout deserves to experience the out-of-doors . . .


. . . To smell the grass, hug a tree, stare at a bug, play in a puddle, watch the clouds . . .


. . . To plant a seed, follow a trail, build a fire, cook a s'more, explore a creek, climb a mountain . . .


. . . To camp outside under the stars and dream about her next adventure!

We want to get all girls outdoors! To encourage you, complete any of the activities in your age level to reach a total of the points noted, and you will have earned a special bracelet! Just bring the flyer with the activities circled youhave completed to any of our boutiques, and you can purchase the bracelet! Earn a bracelet every year!

Outdoor Activities List