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More than Just Cookies

What is the Fall Product Program?

What is the Fall Product Program?

It's the first of only two Council Sponsored Product Programs.

It’s important for Troops to participate in BOTH NYPENN sponsored Product Programs, especially if they are planning to do additional money earning activities.

Girls have FUN while developing the 5 Essential Life Skills:

o   Goal Setting

o   Money Management

o   People Skills

o   Business Ethics

o   Decision Making

It’s easy to participate!

The program is already set-up for you! There are tools available to optimize benefits, it's a great opportunity for troops to earn start-up funds, and the funds help Girl Scouts sustain and expand program for girls and volunteers!

Why Participate in the Fall Product Program?

Why Participate in the Fall Product Program?

  • It’s a quick and easy pre-paid program.
  • Troop can earn start-up money before the Cookie Program in the winter. 
  • Girls will learn the 5 Essential Life Skills.
  • The Fall Product Sale Program is required, in addition to the Cookie Program, for troops to participate in other money earning activities.
Who Can Participate in the Fall Program?

Who Can Participate in the Fall Program?

How Does the Program Work?

How Does the Program Work?

Girls can ask friends, family and neighbors to help support her during the sale. Customers can purchase delicious nut/candy items that will be delivered just in time for the holidays! They can also purchase magazine subscriptions/renewals, along with photo keepsakes. 

Girls can take their sales to the next level by signing up for the online portion of the program. They will have the ability to email their customers and ask them to purchase their items directly online and the items will be mailed directly to the customer!

Girl Scouts and their families should decide their level of participation—Step I, Step II, Step III, Step IV or any combination of the parts.

When is the Fall Program?

Saturday, October 1 - Program starts & NUTe opens

  • NUTe will also be available for troops to view the current girls listed.
  • Uploads for newly registered girls will be done weekly.

Saturday, October 1 - Troop Agreement & Payment Agreement to Product Sale Coordinator (PSC)

Monday, October 10Check NUTe to verify if girls listed in your troop are accurate!

  • Do not wait until the last day to verify the girl’s listed in your troop.
  • See a misplaced girl? Email

Sunday, October 30 - Program ends

Wednesday, November 2 - Troop submit in NUTe

  • *Remember, for Girls and Troops to receive credit, all orders must be entered into NUTe by 11/2 at 11:59pm.
  • If you need additional assistance, please contact your PSC, right away or email

Saturday, November 6 - Provide PSC with Troop paperwork

Thursday, November 17 - Troop ACH payment

Week of Tuesday 11/29 - Product delivery to PSC. Your PSC will have specific delivery information for your SU!

*Be sure to confirm delivery date, time, and location with your service unit Product Sale Coordinator (PSC).

12/3 & 4 and/or 12/10 & 11 -  Booth Sale Weekends (optional)

Thursday, December 15 - Troop Booth ACH payment (optional)