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Winter Cookie Sale

The Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc. is proud to announce Little Brownie Bakers as our supplier of delicious Girl Scout cookies. Visit their website, where volunteers, parents and girls can find valuable information about the cookie program.

  • Little Brownie Bakers offers eight varieties: Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Samoas, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Savannah Smiles, Dulce de Leche, and Thank U Berry Munch.
  • Cookies are $4.00 per box.
  • 100% of the sale of Girl Scout cookies, after the baker is paid, stays within our council to serve girls locally.
  • The cookie program teaches girls five valuable life skills—goal setting, decision making, money management, people's skills, and business ethics. These skills will help shape a girl's future! View the Five Skills logohere.
  • Girls that participate in the cookie program will be able to earn proceeds for their troop which will allow them to participate in troop trips, programs and much, much more.
  • Girls that participate in the cookie program will also be able to earn wonderful recognitions for the boxes they sell during the sale.
  • At select levels, girls will also earn Cookie Dough Gift Cards to use towards program fees, Girl Scout Boutique purchases and many other ways.
  • For questions regarding the cookie program, please email Cookie Help.

What kinds of cookies are available this year?

Where can I buy Girl Scout cookies?

Girls began taking orders on February 1! Check our cookie locator starting in March to find a cookie booth near you! Smartphone users can download the Little Brownie Baker Cookie Locator app to help them find cookies, too!

Additional Information about Girl Scout Cookies
Do you require that your cookies be kosher? Concerned about trans fats or high fructose corn syrup? Do you or someone in your household have food sensitivities? The two links below offer information about Girl Scout cookies and what they are made of. And remember, if you are unable to eat our cookies yourself, you can still support Girl Scouts and our military troops by purchasing cookies for our Council Gift of Caring.


What One Troop Did
During the 2013 Girl Scout cookie campaign, Girl Scout Troop 40856 of Ridgebury, PA sold over 11,000 boxes of cookies with over 240 of those boxes being donations from people to our soldiers overseas. The girls boxed these up with many other care items and sent them out to our soldiers.

Troop 40856

How does a troop of girls from a small rural community sell so many cookies? First, they started with their door-to-door take order sales in the first month of the campaign. Their parents take them out to see friends, family and neighbors to interest them in some of their favorite Girl Scout cookies and maybe try some new ones. Second, when cookies became available to their area, they started selling cookies at cookie booths at your favorite retail locations.

It took a team effort from every girl, leader and parent involved in the Girl Scout troop to be able to perform this well for their troop and their council, NYPENN Pathways. All the girls in the troop made it out to at least one cookie booth with many of the girls being at multiple cookies booths throughout the sales period. They were there no matter rain, sleet, snow or cold. Their leaders, Julie Kitchin and Rebecca Swetland, helped maintain the sales by scheduling time slots with various retail locations and making sure the cookie supply was maintained at each booth. Parents were also an important ingredient in the mix to ensure the girls were able to get around the neighborhood to take orders and out to cookie booths for sales. Many hours and miles were spent to help the greater good of this Girl Scout troop.

So what does a Girl Scout troop do with the profits of such a great sale? They do many things. For example, they contributed back to their community already this year by working with the Ridgebury Park Committee and the Ridgebury Cub Scout Pack 4022 to sponsor and host a “Scouting for Eggs” Easter egg hunt. This event was a first for both Scouting groups and was held for the area children at the Ridgebury Community Park. The leaders are forming plans for a fun and educational summer, including a trip to Niagara Aquarium and to take the troop to a horse farm for camping, horseback riding, swimming, scavenger hunts and so much more. What can a girl do? Anything they can put their mind and hearts into. Look for them later in April to be out cleaning the roadsides of trash and debris as part of the Great American Clean up of PA campaign.

The girls of Troop 40856 wish to thank their parents and leaders for believing in them and helping them to achieve and exceed their goals. They also wish to thank all the families and individuals who took the time to order and purchase cookies. Special thanks to the various retailers and locations that allowed the girls to come out and offer their cookies to the public. It is with deep respect and gratitude that the girls wish to thank the men and women in the armed forces who fight for our peace and freedom every day of the year.