Beverly Crim

Courage to Grow
As a girl, I couldn’t WAIT until I could be a Brownie! My Aunt bought me a Brownie Handbook for Christmas before I was old enough to be one. I learned the promise so I would be all ready.

I stayed in Girl Scouts until I was in 10th grade. It was not until years later when my daughter was old enough to be a Girl Scout that I got back involved. I had no idea at that point the way it would change my life. It gave me confidence to be a leader, to volunteer, to discover I really was good at crafts and had skills that I had never tapped. I found friends locally and began to make friends in other councils and then across the world.

I have gained the confidence to speak up for what’s right. I’ve learned about how governance works from attending conventions and listening to the debate. I’ve felt the warmth of organizing a huge service project and watching it come to life, seeing the smiles it brought to the recipients. I know that wherever I am, if I find a Girl Scout, I’ve found a friend who will help me out.

Bev Crim
Parish, New York
37 years a Girl Scout