Catherine Rossiter

Selling Cookies Gets Girl Flying Lessons

In fourth grade I was the top sales person in my troop, selling 485 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. This was a huge success that stayed with me all my life.

three boxes of Girl Scout cookies After college I wanted a job as a sales rep for a prestigious company. I was the only female applicant. In the interview they asked, "What makes you think you can succeed in industrial sales in a man's world?" I told them I believed in myself, I believed in their product and I believed that my success in Girl Scouts set the groundwork for my future success in sales. They were impressed. I got the job.

Later I switched to aircraft sales. I wanted to learn to fly. I told them, "If you believe I can sell, give me flying lessons." In my first year I earned $10,500; by the time I left that job I was earning $160,000.

Sales/Salesmanship helps you learn how the world runs. You have to believe in the product. I believed in Girl Scouts when I sold those cookies. Look where it took me!

Catherine Rossiter
3 years a Brownie and Junior Girl Scout
Midland, MI at St Brigid's School