Cathy Kozlowski

Come-As-You-Are Breakfast

You never know. Once the girls grow older and move beyond your Girl Scout troop, you never know if or how your efforts impacted them. I was never a girl member, but my daughters’ leader, Diane Hughes, impacted my life by inviting me to become a GS leader. I jumped at the chance.

One of my fondest memories was organizing a Come-As-You-Are Breakfast. First we told all the parents the plan to surprise the girls at 6 AM on the designated Saturday. After each sleeping girl was awakened, she was allowed only to go to the bathroom before she was escorted to the car wearing literally whatever she slept in.

As the girls piled into the car you could hear the giggles as they saw the others dressed in pajamas or sweats, or in the clothes from the day before. Once a girl was tagged, she got to wake up the next Girl Scout. This added to the fun and assured the come-as-you-are effect. Breakfast was eggs and pancakes and then we watched the blockbuster movie “Troop Beverly Hills.” It was great fun.

Now, more than 20 years later, I occasionally run into one of the girls, now a young adult with her own children. She will often reminisce about that come-as-you-are breakfast and tell me what a great time she had. Wow! I guess I had an impact on her; maybe she will plan a come-as-you-are breakfast for her daughter. You never know.

Cathy Kozlowski
24+ years a Girl Scout,
only as an adult