Delight Fisher

There's Always A Home With Girl Scouts

Delight Fisher of Bellona, NY was a Girl Scout as a girl and a lifetime member since 1987 - totaling 62 years. She has traveled a lot with her family over the years.

"Girl Scouts is a good connection," she said. "You could always get involved wherever you go. There's always a home with Girl Scouts."

Not only has Delight been a part of Girl Scouts for over 60 years, but she's been actively involved. She loves the outdoors and camping. She began camping at the age of 7 and has served as a counselor for many years and directed day camps. She stopped directing day camps when she turned 70. She's been a leader for troops, and the last 10 years she's worked with junior high age kids and trained them as program aides.

"It's not always the easiest age, but I enjoyed it because I didn't have a girl involved," she said. "I enjoy being with the girls."

Girl Scouting instilled a sense of community and volunteering in Delight.

"You learn to work together, to compromise, and to give when you're part of Girl Scouts. There's a real sense of volunteering and being part of the community," she said.

Delight also collects memorabilia from Girl Scouts and founder Juliette Gordon Low. She takes that on the road to show the girls, leaders, and the community.

"I wish for the new leaders that they would help the girls learn the history of Girl Scouting and Juliette Low's life and how it all came about and that it wasn't some planned program," she says. "One person can make a difference and certainly Juliette Low made her mark not knowing what she was doing really. One person can make a difference."

Delight Fisher
Bellona, NY
As told to Kim Dunne