Rita Billiard

Recalling 52 Years of Girl Scouting
Girl Scout Alumnae Rita Billiard spent time in many Girl Scout councils. She started in Bellevue, Ohio when she was 5 years old. She has also been a Girl Scout in Colorado, North Dakota, Vermont/New Hampshire, and in Arizona.

Rita has many memories that stick out to her about her Girl Scouting experiences. She remembers when a former Girl Scout leaders came to the first investiture that her troop did and she also remembers when she received her 50-year pin.

“The girls in Troop 1224 presented me with a star with my name and stated that I had been a Girl Scout for 50 years. It was like an academy award,” she said.

Rita has received many recognitions throughout her Girl Scout career including the Thanks Badge. Her family was also give the 1st Family Award in the North Dakota Girl Scout Council. She has also received a stained glass hanging that states, “Rita Billiard Girl Scout Extraordinaire.”

“Through everything Girl Scouting has taught me that when you plan and make lists to reach the goals you want to reach, it helps you received them!” Rita said.

Rita also remembers being scared when she was at a day camp and a tornado came through and destroyed all but two of their tents.

“No one was hurt because as Girl Scouts we knew what we were supposed to do when the fog horn blew,” she said.

Rita remains active in Girl Scouts today. She has been to Macy's for adult education, has been part of the Savannah Sojourns and a couple of the Girl Scout reunions, and even worked part-time as a field executive at one of the Girl Scout councils. She also visits places in the community and talks about Juliette Gordon Low and her Girl Scouting experiences.

Rita Billiard
As told to Kim Dunne