Sue Panetta

One of 12 Girls Nationally Who Went to a Women's Conference

As a Lifetime Member and Campus Girl Scout at Cornell University, Sue Panetta of Marcy was honored to be chosen by Girl Scouts of the USA to go to Texas in the 1970s for a National Women’s Conference.

Sue Panetta Hiking “It was amazingly awesome,” Sue said. “Former First Ladies were there along with other amazing women. I was so honored to be chosen to go.”

The conference was held because Congress wanted to know from women what their priorities were for legislation. The delegates chosen to go were representative of American women.

“I had never been to a political conference before so it was neat to be involved,” she said.

Sue was also one of the first girl members on the Foothills Board of Directors in the 1970s. She was on the Senior Planning Board and was involved in many things, so when the opportunity came up to be on the Board, she jumped at it.

“Being a Girl Scout just opened so many doors for me and did a lot for my confidence and self-esteem. To be able to be involved in the planning process and take a stand for or against what I believed in was a great opportunity,” she said.

Sue took the opportunity to travel as a Girl Scout, taking part in a Wider Opportunity in Chicago called Big City Sampler. She stayed with a host family and on a college campus in Chicago and did volunteer work with agencies in the city.

Sue worked at camp as a Girl Scout and participated in as many community service projects as she could.

“I think that Girl Scouts is the best leadership organization that I know of,” Sue said. “It taught me how to interact with the world and there’s a certain camaraderie about it. Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.”

Sue Panetta
Marcy, NY
As told to Kim Dunne