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Bubble Fun! Program Kit

This kit is appropriate for all grade levels.

Key focus topics: Creative Thinking, Imagination, Cooperation, and Problem Solving.

Girl Scout Leadership Experience Connections
Between Earth and Sky
  • Session 2 (page 53 of the Leader Guide) in place of soil and walk in nature. Start by having girls talk about their favorite colors and talk about the different colors in nature. Complete activity 1 in Bubble Fun (Disappearing Color). Continue to activity 4, Abstract Bubble Art. Then discuss if any of the bubble colors and/or pictures they've created remind them of things outside?
  • Session 2 (page 41 in the Leader Guide) make a bubble nest! Read interesting facts about animals in bubble curriculum page 8, then proceed to Activity 5, bubble sculpture (nest).
  • Session 3 Girls continue to explore how the needs of animals are similar to their own (protection, need for food). Activities 8 and 9 in Bubble Fun, animals that use water, too.
young girl playing with a bubble wand
WoW! Wonders of Water
  • Session 1 (page 46 in the Leader Guide) The bubble fun kit can be used for making rainbows.
  • Session 2 (page 59 in the Leader Guide) Continue the conversation about animals that use water, too. Activities 8 and 9 in the Bubble Fun! kit.
  • Session 6 (page 84 of the Leader Guide) Optional watery world of watercolor. Can use activity 4 in Bubble Fun! Abstract Bubble Art.

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