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Amahami Outdoor Center

434 Page Pond Road
Deposit, NY 13754


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Outdoor Program Facilities Guide

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Year-Round Facilities

Cozy Cabin
The name describes this unit well. It is a four-person cabin with a wood stove. It has water and a toilet only during the warm months.

Explorer Troop House
Explorer is a newly built one-room building with heat and electricity. From May 16–October 15, there are an additional five tents with cots. From October 15 through May 16, sleeping capacity is 20 using mattresses on the floor. From May 16 until October 15, tents increase the capacity to 40. Latrines.

Fletcher Dining Hall
Has a large main room suitable for indoor troop and group activities. Additional features: commercial kitchen, fireplace, and wrap-around deck with a view. Overnight sleeping not allowed in the Dining Hall. Wheelchair accessible.

Fletcher Troop Wing
The Troop Wing of Fletcher Lodge is comprised of several rooms. It includes a family-size kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave oven; showers, and bathrooms. Sleeping accommodations are mattresses on the floor with capacity for 30 people. Wheelchair accessible.

Gladstone Pines
Gladstone Pines is located away from the lake, near the riding ring and stable. The bunkhouse is a winterized building available year-round. It has two bunk rooms, flush toilets, showers, a large multipurpose room and a kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave oven. Sleeping capacity is 28. Wheelchair accessible.

Robin Hood
This is a grouping of three eight-person cabins, one six-person cabin, and from May 16–October 15, one platform tent. There is no heat or electricity. There is a pavilion, a fire circle, and latrines.

This unit has two eight-person cabins, one six-person cabin, and between May 16 and October 15, one platform tent. There is no heat or electricity. There is a pavilion, a fire circle, and latrines.

Rowe Troop House
Rowe Troop House is a large winterized building that features two large bunk rooms, flush toilets, two large bunk rooms, showers, a large multipurpose room, and a kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave oven. Bunk room sleeping capacity is 38. Wheelchair accessible.

Viking Troop House
This is a one-room building with a wood stove and a handicap-accessible covered outdoor cooking facility. Sleeping capacity: 20 in the form of mattresses on the floor. From May 16–October 15 there are an additional six platform tents in this unit. Summer sleeping capacity: 44 including cots in the tents. Latrines.

Available April 16–November 15

This unit features four Adirondack-style wooden roofed lean-tos, running water, a fire pit, and a pavilion. There is no heat or electricity. Latrines.

Available May 16–October 15

Lorelei is located along the lake's edge across from the waterfront. It features six platform tents that sleep four persons each, a fire circle, and a newly rebuilt outdoor cooking pavilion. Latrines.

Mountaineer sits atop a hill. Three platform tents, two dome tents, and a pavilion form a ring around a sunny open space with a fire circle in the center. All tent areas are set up for special needs. No heat or electricity. Sleeping capacity is 22. Latrines.

Other Features

The camp grounds – Center Field and trails – are available for use from April 16–October 31.

Fire Tower
Built in 1935–1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Page Pond Fire Tower was operated by New York State through 1988 for the detection of forest and brush fires. Funding reductions have caused New York State to abandon the statewide tower system of fire detection. In 1992, New York State transferred ownership of the Fire Tower and the Observer's Cabin to Girl Scouts–Indian Hills Council. Ask the Camp Ranger about climbing to the observation cabin from which you can see for many miles.

Swimming The swimming area is available for use from Memorial Day to Labor Day. To use the swimming area, a troop/group must provide a certified lifeguard for every ten persons in the water.
Boating We have rowboats, funyaks, and canoes. To use any of the boats, a troop/group must provide a person certified in small craft safety and an additional watcher. Available May 1–October 31.