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Emergency Procedure

The following procedure is to be followed in the event of a serious accident, emergency or fatality.

1. First attend to the injured. Seek medical assistance and take care of all at the scene.

2. Telephone the caregiver. In case of fatality, the CEO will notify the next of kin in person.

  • Identify who you are.
  • Explain the nature of the emergency. 
  • Report the condition and location of the injured person.
  • Secure wishes regarding medical treatment, hospitalization, transportation and personal attendance.

3. Call the Girl Scout Emergency Line (for this use only): 

1.315.698.9400 or 1.800.943.4414 – Option 4

4. Only give requested information to officials responding to your call. Refer all media inquiries to GSNYPENN.

Please note: the emergency number is NOT for lost cookies, general membership questions, etc. For these topics, please call 1.315.698.9400 or 1.800.943.4414 to speak with our Customer Care team. Or if after hours, leave a message to be checked the following business day. Thank you!