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Exclusive GSNYPENN Patches

GSNYPENN Council Patches

Outdoor Bracelet Program
Looking for even more outdoor adventures? Earn your very own special bracelet by completing activities from our ‘Let’s Get Outdoors’ guide, which you can find at any of our stores and online here. Each girl level has a list of fun outdoor activities worth points; when you reach the total points in your level, you can purchase a beautiful bracelet to boast about your achievements! Earn a different bracelet every year!

GSNYPENN Heritage Patch — Learn all about the heritage of Girl Scouts of the USA and your GSNYPENN Council. Read more about this patch.


National Baseball Hall of Fame patch — In the Museum's exhibits, you can learn about baseball history, see thousands of artifacts from the game's past, watch video, see historic images, enjoy hands-on learning, delve deeper with computer interactive displays and test your baseball knowledge. Be sure to visit the Women in Baseball exhibit! Pick up your scavenger hunt paperwork at the Hall of Fame to earn your fun patch.

Social Media patch — Want to prevent yourself, your friends, or anyone else you know from falling victim to online embarrassment or worse? Earning the Safe Social Media patch can help you to do just that! To earn the Safe Social Media patch you need to complete at least five activities from the following list:

  • Learn about Facebook’s privacy settings—why are they so complicated and what do they mean?
  • Learn why you should never post private information on the Internet. Create a presentation and talk to younger girls about this.
  • List at least five tips to prevent cyberbullying.
  • Explore different social media sites. What are common features of all of them? What are the pros and cons? How easy or difficult do the sites make it to keep information private?
  • Survey 30 teenagers and find out how much time each of them spends on social media sites each day. Compile the information that you receive in a chart that can be posted on our website, along with an explanation.
  • Find out the top five concerns that parents/teachers have about social media and why those are concerns?
  • Check out ten people’s profiles on Facebook or Myspace. How much personal information do they give out? Are there any comments or pictures on their page that they wouldn’t want potential employers to see?

Corning Museum of Glass patch — The Corning Museum of Glass cares for and displays the world’s best collection of art and historical glass. You can learn about the science and technology behind innovations in glass through hands-on exhibits in the Innovation Center, watch live, narrated glassmaking demonstrations, or even make your own glass piece. Find more information here.