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Outdoor Program Pledge

Our founder, Juliette Gordon Low loved the outdoors! Our market research says today's girls do, too!

Take the Girl Scout pledge for getting girls outside:

Every Girl Scout deserves to experience the out-of-doors . . .


. . . To smell the grass, hug a tree, stare at a bug, play in a puddle, watch the clouds . . .


. . . To plant a seed, follow a trail, build a fire, cook a s'more, explore a creek, climb a mountain . . .


. . . To camp outside under the stars and dream about her next adventure!

More than S'mores: Successes and Surprises in Girl Scouts' Outdoor Experiences
Girl Scouts has a long history of getting girls outdoors. A national study conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute explores two basic questions: Are Girl Scouts still getting outside? And what difference does make if they do? Check out the results of this study!