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The more our Girl Scouts sell, the more they earn! The cookie reward program is set up to encourage individual girls to push themselves to go further. Hard work should be rewarded, after all.

This year, we have a number of fantastic items and experiences girls can earn when they set goals for themselves. Sell more and help your troop as well as yourself.

Girl Rewards

GSNYPENN utilizes the results from our girl and member survey to select the current season’s rewards. The top 10 items from the survey can be found on the order form! Girl power at its finest! 

NEW THIS YEAR! Take your Girl Scout experience to the next level with Adventure Vouchers! Based on a girl’s individual cookie sales, girls can choose Adventure Vouchers at select package levels. Vouchers can be used towards camp payments, shopping experiences in our GS Stores, troop experiences and much more! Just like all rewards, Adventure Vouchers are cumulative!

Here are the package levels girls can choose to earn an Adventure Voucher.

  • 55+ packages through Digital Cookie = earn a $5 Adventure Voucher
  • 200+ packages = earn a $10 Adventure Voucher
  • 275+ packages = earn a $15 Adventure Voucher
  • 375+ packages = earn a $15 Adventure Voucher
  • 575+ packages = earn a $25 Adventure Voucher, plus a canteen and fleece bag
  • 750+ packages = earn a $75 Adventure Voucher
  • 275+ final selling PGA = each selling girl in the troop will earn a $20 Adventure Voucher plus 2 troop volunteers!

Adventure Vouchers for the 2020 and 2021 Cookie Program expire on Saturday, December 18, 2021! This applies to both Girl and Troop rewards. Do miss out on your chance to redeem!