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Find Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookie Finder makes it easy to see when cookie season starts in your area. Just punch in your zip code and choose from a list of locations near you.

Can’t Eat ‘Em? Gift Them!

GSNYPENN Council Gift of Caring Program 2018: Rescue Mission

Perhaps you can’t eat cookies, you can still show your support for our mission through our Council Gift of Caring Program. Consider donating 5 boxes to our local partner, the Rescue Mission.  Girls get full credit for each box gifted and no one pays for shipping—council takes care of it for you! Plus, as a bonus you will be eligable to enter our GIMME5! sweepstakes!

The Rescue Mission provides programs to end hunger and homelessness in Syracuse, Auburn, Binghamton and Ithaca. Programs are tailored to the needs in each community. Last year, the Rescue Mission served 282,843 meals, placed 979 individuals into permanent housing, provided 178,331 overnight stays and found employment for 485 individuals. To learn more, visit

So, if you can’t eat ‘em—treat ‘em!

Isn’t that sweet?

Order cookies today!

Why wait until booth sales start in March to buy cookies? You can order cookies today! Contact the Girl Scout in your life to learn how.

Do you want on-the-go access to the cookies you crave? Download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app. Just install the app on your iOS or Android mobile device and press "Find Cookies Now."