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Girl Resources

2017 Fall Family Permission and Responsibility Agreement
Before a Girl Scout receives her selling packet of materials, her parent/guardian must sign this agreement and return it to the troop. All Girl members of NYPENN registered for the 2017-18 membership year in grades K-12 are invited and encouraged to participate. Signed Family Permission and Responsibility Agreement must be kept on file for each registered GS. If a GS has a dual household, please sign a Family Permission and Responsibility Agreement for each household.

Send out 15+ emails through our Online Program!
Girls that sign up for the Online Program and send out 15+ emails will earn an awesome patch (check the order card for patch image)! This Quick Guide is a step by step tutorial to help you set up your Online Store!

Troop/Member Change Form
Any troop leader/parent who would like to initiate a transfer of an adult or girl to a new troop fill out this form. It's a fillable form online and is easy to complete. It is very important especially this time of year to ensure that girls are where they are supposed to be for the Fall Product Program!

*Note: Make sure your Girl Scout is in the correct troop! Once a girl has an order assigned to her in NUTe we will not be able to move her.  

Spread the Word Business Cards
Found inside the Girl Order Packet, Spread the Word Business Cards are a great way to share your Online Store’s number. Be sure to register/log-in before you hand out the Business Cards.

2017 Product Line Up

On each Girl Order Card, customers will be able to choose from 15 delicious nut and/or candy items.

Honey Roasted Peanuts will be donated to the Share Program for every $5 donation received! We also feature our 2017 GS tin filled with mouthwatering Mint Treasures and our perfect reindeer Holiday Tin filled with Chocolate Covered Pretzels. The order card notes items that are Gluten Free, Kosher and/or Kosher/Dairy!

Click here to find the nutritional list and full ingredients to all the Ashdon Farms products.

2017 Girl Rewards

Also on the Girl Order Card, girls can view all the rewards available to earn for the 2017 season! All rewards are cumulative. It is recommended that girls circle their favorite item at the levels where a choice is required!

Older Girl Opt-Out for Rewards
Girl Scout C/S/A Troops (cannot include other levels) have the opportunity to earn an additional 5% in proceeds if they unanimously choose to opt out of receiving rewards. Girls will still earn patches and the troop will still be eligible for the troop bonus.  All selling girls must sign the agreement with their parent/guardian and the troop must achieve a final selling PGA of 175 by the end of the program! Good Luck

NEW FOR NYPENN! Girls that participate* in both the Fall Product Program & Cookie Program can earn this exclusive patch!

*Participation in the Fall Program is considered earning the Unleash the Hero Inside patch for 3+ Magazines and/or the Be Fearless patch for 10+ Nut/Candy items along with the Altogether Awesome Theme Patch for selling 25+ boxes for the Cookie Program.
**Patch is distributed after the Cookie Program in May/June.

Girls that sell $175 or more by participating in the Online Sale, will earn this year’s My Patch Creation where they can create an adorable customizable Super Hero Cat.

As they participate in the Online Sale, they will unlock fun and unique accessories for their Super Hero Cat!  And for those Super Seller girls, girls that sell $350 online will earn a customizable theme tee!
Both the My Patch Creation and the customized tee will be mailed directly to the girl upon approval.