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PSC Resources

As Service Unit Product Sale Coordinator (PSC), it is part of your role to ensure that your Troops receive the information throughout the program to help guide Girls to a successful Program! The information below will help you along that journey!

The best way to get the word out about the Fall Product Program is to educate your troops! This helpful PDF is a great way to encourage and excite them about the Fall Program! Set up a date, time and location for your troops to meet to go over the PDF and hand out materials!

Be sure to share the Fall Product Program information with your parent/guardians! Here are two simple and easy ways to motivate your Girls and Troops for the Fall Product Program:

Host an SU Rally

  • The 2018 Fall Rally Guide will help you set up a rally from start to finish. Follow this guide for a successful program. Girls that participate in a rally have an increase in sales!

Try the 59 Minute Quick Start

  • Don’t have much time but want to excite your girls? In just 59 Minutes your girls can reach out to their customers and ask them to help support the Fall Product Program! Click here to find out more about the 59 Minute Quick Start. 

If your SU hosts a Rally and/or 59 Minute Quick Start, we’d love to see pictures and hear feedback! Plus, we will send patches to those that participate….for free!! Email with the information of your event(s)!

Have a Missing Magazine Code?
2018 Alpha Numeric Listing will list every single magazine offered, sorted by magazine code or by magazine title! White & Yellow magazine slips from customers must be complete with such information!