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Treats, Reads and More Program: More than Just Cookies

Thank you to all who participated in and supported the Treats, Reads and More program this year! Stay tuned for cookie season coming up soon!


What is the Treats, Reads and More Program?

Over the years, we’ve called our fall program the QSP Sale, Fall Sale, Fall Product Program, etc. Customers have repeatedly mentioned they do not understand what these names mean. Beginning in fall 2019, the program has been rebranded as the Treats, Reads and More Program, to make things more clear. (Please note: the actual program itself—the five skills—has not changed.)
*Treats are provided by Ashdon Farms. Reads and more items are provided by QSP.

Girls have FUN while developing the 5 Essential Life Skills:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Money Management
  3. People Skills
  4. Business Ethics
  5. Decision Making

It’s easy to participate!

The program is already set-up for you! There are tools available to optimize benefits, it's a great opportunity for troops to earn start-up funds. 100% of all proceeds (after payment to Ashdon Farms and QSP) stay within GSNYPENN to help fund programing for Girl Scouts within GSNYPENN!

It’s important for Troops to participate in BOTH GSNYPENN sponsored Product Programs, especially if they are planning to do additional money earning activities.

Who Can Participate in the Treats, Reads and More Program?
  • All troops with registered volunteers who have completed the 2019 Troop Product Agreement JotForm are encouraged to participate.
  • Troops are not required to complete the Payment Policy Agreement if their bank account information has not changed. 
    Please note: Brand-new troops, troops who have a new account and/or have a new account signer will need to provide an updated payment policy form to their Regional Support Manager (RSM).
  • All Girl members of GSNYPENN registered for the 2019-20 membership year in grades K-12 are invited and encouraged to participate. Signed 2019 Treats, Reads and More Program Family Guide must be kept on file for each registered GS. If a GS has a dual household, please make sure a 2019 Treats, Reads and More Program Family Guide is signed for each household.
When is the Treats, Reads and More Program?

Key Program Dates

Tuesday, October 1 – Traditional & online sales begin. Once the Family Guide is signed by her caregiver, girls can participate in the program! Login to UNIFY often to make sure all registered girls are listed correctly in your troop. Newly registered girls added each day! If you see any errors, please email Remember to complete your Troop Product Agreement JotForm prior to participating in the program!

*Note: Make sure your Girl Scout is in the correct troop! Once a girl has an order   assigned to her in UNIFY we will not be able to move her.  

Tuesday, October 29 – Traditional sales end. Set up a time to collect order cards and corresponding funds from your Girl Scouts no later than Friday, November 1 for the troop to receive credit.

Friday, November 1 – Troop order submit through UNIFY. This includes all orders paid for by customers on a girl order card. This will also include any additional product a troop would like for booth sales. Do not wait till the last minute to login to Unify! If you need additional assistance, please contact your PSC, right away or email

Thursday, November 14 - Troop ACH payment

Week of Tuesday, November 19 – Sweets and treats product delivery. This includes all items ordered through the order card and those ordered online for girl delivery. Your SU Product Sales Coordinator will provide information on when to pick up product generated from traditional orders and for girl delivery.

Monday, December 2 – Online program ends at 11:59 p.m. and rewards ordered

Friday/Saturday/Sunday, November 23, 24, 29 & 30 and December 1, 7 & 8 – Booth sales in the troop’s local community. (Participation is optional but encouraged!)

Thursday, December 13 - Troop Booth ACH payment (optional) and ACH Credit for Online Sales.

Why Participate in the Treats, Reads and More Program?
  • It’s a quick and easy pre-paid program.
  • The product is delicious, at a great value, supports Girl Programming and makes a great gift!
  • Troop can earn start-up money before the Cookie Program in the winter. 
  • Girls will learn the 5 Essential Life Skills.
  • The Treats, Reads and More Program is required, in addition to the Cookie Program, for troops to participate in other money earning activities.
How Does the Treats, Reads and More Program Work?

Girls should ask friends, family and neighbors to help support her during the program. Customers can purchase delicious nut/candy items that will be delivered just in time for the holidays! They can also purchase magazine subscriptions/renewals, Tervis® tumblers, seasonal scented candles and greeting card bundles, and much more!

Girls can take their sales to the next level by signing up for the online portion of the program. They will have the ability to email their customers and ask them to purchase their items directly online and the items will be mailed directly to the customer!

Girl Scouts and their families should work together to decide their level of participation! Best of luck!    

How to Have a Successful Treats, Reads and More Program!
  • Encourage girls to ask everyone! This program is not as known as the Cookie Program and customers are excited to see what Girl Scouts can offer! Ask everyone!
  • This is a prepaid program. Orders received in person must be paid for at the time of order taking. Cash or check only. PLEASE FOLLOW THE CHECK POLICY AS LISTED ON THE ANNUAL PAYMENT POLICY AGREEMENT
  • Online orders are paid by credit card
  • EVERYONE NEEDS TO SIGN OFF ON ALL TRANSACTIONS – Use the provided receipt booklets! The Troop needs to issue receipts for all Girl transactions - when placing the order and turning in monies for all orders, and especially when receiving the nuts and candy products. 
  • Be sure you allow enough time to completely process your orders and enter them into UNIFY on time!
  • On product delivery day, you are responsible for picking up your entire Troop order.  You will be asked to verify the count on your order, check for damaged product, and to sign for the product received.  Check for accuracy. Be sure to sign for the product and rewards upon receiving the items!