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Don't know a Girl Scout?

Call us at 1.855.213.8555 and we will put you in touch! 

  • How does it work?
    • If you buy 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from your favorite GSNYPENN Girl Scout you could win up to $500! ($5000 in total prizes to be given away!)
    • If you buy online,  you will be automatically entered.
    • If you buy in person, you'll receive a Thank You card with all the instructions on how to enter when you pay for your cookies.
    • Already purchased your cookies? Enter the troop number here!


What is the Gimme5 Sweepstakes?
  • Gimme 5 is a new sweepstakes for people who purchase 5 or more boxes from Girl Scouts who are members of the NYPENN Pathways Council. If you purchase 5 boxes of cookies online from a girl using her Digital order card you will automatically be entered into the sweepstakes.
  • If a girl takes your order on her order form, she’ll give you a thank you card along with her troop number when she delivers the cookies in early March. You will be able to go to the Gimme5 link here on the page and enter your contact information to register for the sweepstakes.
  • If you purchase cookies from a girl in a booth in March, she will hand you a thank you card with her troop number. You can click on the link here on the page and enter your information and be entered into the sweepstakes.
  • Only orders taken from GSNYPENN Girl Scouts Troops are eligible to win. Anyone from anywhere across the country can buy cookies from their favorite Girl Scout (relative, friend) who lives in our area using a girl’s digital link. Contact your Girl Scout or her parents to be connected or call our Customer Care at 855.213.8555 to find a Girl Scout near you.
  • Official rules are available here.
How do I buy cookies?

You can buy cookies three different ways:

Order In-Person

Have cookies delivered to you!

A Girl Scout can take your order on her paper order card or through a link she sends you using Digital Cookie, our online ordering system. Girls and their parents often bring paper order forms everywhere they go! They may post videos and pitches on their personal social media to let everyone know they’re selling cookies and to share her Digital Cookie link.

(Note: Girl Delivery is available when placing an online order prior to February 7 and costs you nothing for shipment if you live near the Girl Scout. Orders made on Digital Cookie after February 3 or out-of-area are shipped directly to customers and incur a shipping cost.)

Order Online

Have cookies shipped to you!

As long as you have a link from a Girl Scout,
you may order cookies or donate cookies through our Council Gift of Caring Program anytime during cookie season. (The 2019 season runs January 11-March 24.)

Purchase at a Booth Sale

Booth sales in local communities will be set-up ALL over the 26 counties our council serves from March 2-24. Find a booth near you by entering your zip code at or downloading the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app – it’s free on iOS and Android.

What are the 5 entrepreneurship skills ?

Decision Making

Girls decide where and when to sell cookies, how to market their sale and what to do with their earnings. This matters because girls must make many decisions, big and small, in their lives. Learning this skill at a young age helps them to understand the benefits and reproductions decisions making, which of course is an essential life skill. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 88% of girls surveyed in 2016 learned how to think through different choices, explain the reasons why they made a decision, decide between multiple choices and listen to everyone’s thoughts when making group decisions.

People Skills

Girls learn how to talk (and listen!) to their customers, as well as learning how to work as a team with other girls. An effective communicator is an invaluable asset as it decreases the possibility of miscommunication. This will teach your girl the value of listening, understanding and communicating. This matters because it helps them do better in school (on group projects, on sports teams, and on the playground) and, later, at work. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 85% of girls surveyed in 2016 learned how to be comfortable talking to and being around new people, determine the best way to get their message across when talking with people, and tell people what they hope to achieve when working toward a goal.

Business Ethics

Girls act honestly and responsibly during every step of the cookie sale. Girls with integrity value others principles, are honest, respectful, take personal responsibility, show compassion, and act dependability. This matters because employers want to hire ethical employees — and the world needs ethical leaders in every field. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 94% of girls surveyed in 2016 learned how to be respectful of others, take responsibility for what they say and do, keep their promises, and not lie to get out of trouble.

Goal Setting

Girls set cookie sales goals and, with their team, create a plan to reach them. This matters because girls need to know how to set and reach goals to succeed in school, on the job and in life. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 85% of girls surveyed in 2016 learned how to set goals and meet deadlines, make a plan for how to achieve a goal, change actions when needed to keep on track with their goal and work with others to achieve goals set together.

Money Management

Girls develop their own budgets, take cookie orders, and handle customers’ money, in essence the essential three steps to basic money management. This matters because girls need to know how to handle money: from their lunch money, to their allowance, to (someday) their paycheck. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 88% of girls surveyed in 2016 learned how to count money and make change, create a plan to save their money, track their money so they know how much they have, and distinguish the difference between wants and needs.

Why is the cost of a box of cookies $5.00?

Today's prices reflect both the current cost of cookies and the realities of providing Girl Scout programming in an ever-changing economic environment.

Our goal is to make sure troops have the money they need to spend on community projects, personal enrichment, adventures and activities of their choosing. The vast majority of councils in the country charge $5.00 or more per box. This price gives troops the ability to earn up to $1.00 per box.

Why do troops have to raise money when they pay membership fees? Where does that money go?

Girl Scouts of the USA collects dues of $25 per member annually. This money is used to create consistent national programming (badges, awards, etc.) and to provide insurance to girls globally. All the funding needed to administer the Girl Scout program in the GSNYPENN area must be raised locally. 

Troops get a dollar a box? Where does the rest of the money go?

After paying the baker to bake and transport the cookies to us, 100% of the proceeds from our cookie sales are used directly by our local council to run the Girl Scout Program in our area. In the GSNYPENN Council our troops receive on average between $.80 and $1.00 per box plus they earn rewards for their participation in the program. The rest of the money is used to staff, run and maintain our Outdoor Adventure Centers, service centers and to provide discounted programming, training and support materials for volunteers and members all year long. Additionally, GSNYPENN provides membership financial assistance, supplies, and camperships to girls who may otherwise not be able to participate.

Why do cookie sales start and stop at different times in different areas?

Councils may operate cookie sales anytime during the year that they wish, however they may only hold the cookie program for 12 weeks of the year. Most councils (over 90%) choose to start local cookie programs during the first 3 months of the year as GSUSA officially kicks off cookie season right after the New Year. The timing allows troops to set goals, decide how they wish to earn, collect, and use the money they raised.

I can just buy similar cookies from (other stores) and they cost less. Why should I buy from Girl Scouts?

It’s true that you can buy knock off cookies from retailers and some unscrupulous people sell expired cookies on EBay and on Amazon. But those cookies do not affect the Girl Scout program as no money makes it back to local Girl Scouts to fund their activities. Plus, the Girl Scout Cookie Sale is a program, an experience for girls to develop leadership skills they can use through their life by participating and selling product to customers.  They are learning about goal setting, decision making, money management and much more.  When you buy cookies from Girl Scouts you are fueling experiences for girls which enable them to contribute to their local communities, become more confident, and grow as leaders.    

I can’t eat cookies. Can I still support the program?

YES! Many people choose not to eat cookies for various reasons but still wish to support the girls during cookie season. We have a Council Gift of Caring Program which allows the girls to get credit for boxes sold without incurring any shipping costs or without the purchase of actual boxes of cookies. It’s a win-win as Council Gift of Caring partners enjoy the cookies and the troop receives the proceeds.    

Don’t troops get more money if I donate to them directly?

The Cookie Program is more than a simple fundraiser, it is a program that teaches girls 5 essential life skills. They learn goal setting, decision making, people skills, money management, and practice business ethics.

Participating in the program allows them to be part of something bigger than themselves and the money they earn is used to fuel a program that they contribute to. Many girls remember the sweet feeling of success when they worked as a group and their money management allowed them to take trips to faraway places together. The girls truly appreciate your support, however if you wish to provide additional funding to assist with particular projects. You may send a donation to the council using this link. Just indicate how you would like your gift to be used and our Development Director can work with you to achieve your goal.

Why are there different cookie flavors in different areas? What flavors are available from GSNYPENN Girl Scouts?

Each council can choose to work with one of two bakers. We purchase our cookies from Little Brownie Baker. We have 8 delicious varieties to choose from this year:

  • Samoas®
  • Tagalongs®
  • Do-Si-Dos®
  • Savannah Smiles®
  • Trefoils®
  • Thin Mints® (vegan)
  • Girl Scout S’Mores®
  • Toffee-Tastic® (Gluten Free)
I ordered cookies. Where are they?
  • If you ordered them online from a girl and opted to pay for delivery you should be receiving them in 3 to 10 business days depending upon where you live.
  • If you ordered them online from a girl and opted for girl delivery, you will receive them in early March.
  • If you placed an order from a girl on an order card, you will receive them in early March.
Why don't you sell all the other cookies?

Each council can work with only ONE baker. We contract with Little Brownie Bakers and love the taste of the cookies they bake for us.