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How to Buy Cookies

1. Order In-Person from a Girl Scout on a traditional paper card and have them delivered to you!

2. Online with from Digital Cookie! Ask you favorite Girl Scout for her Digital Cookie link to order online and have your cookies shipped to you!

3. At a booth near you! Use the cookie finder abover or the Girl Scout Cookie Finder App to find a booth near you!


Where Does the Money Go?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is one way that troops and local councils work together to raise funds to create and support the ongoing infrastructure needed to run a program this size. 

Each box of cookies brings revenue to the troop, the Council and the company which bakes the cookies.

Girls and adult members (and Girl Scout staff, too) all pay membership fees to Girl Scouts of the USA to be part of the movement. Membership fees and royalties from the use of our trademarked names and flavors are used by the national organization to provide programming, training and support to the entire entity for a consistent core experience regardless of where you may live.

Locally, our revenue comes from donations, retail sales, camp rentals and cookie program receipts.

Monies raised are used to improve and maintain four Adventure Centers across the region (Trefoil, Hoover, Amahami and Comstock) for summer camp, day camp and troop adventures at subsidized prices. 

Full-time staff is hired to ensure training for volunteers and girls year-round; programs are planned, marketed, and executed; and the Council develops and maintains relationships with community partners across the region we serve. 

During cookie season, Council staff focuses on sharing a broader message to the public to help troops raise monies for their individual and group goals. 

Over the rest of the year, our team looks for opportunities to provide new experiences to teach life lessons in a fun and safe environment.

What is cookieWOW!?


cookieWOW! is Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways’ Annual Cookie Kickoff Convention where girls, volunteers, troops, and prospective members come together to focus on the five skills in preparation for the Cookie Program and selling season.

Through interactive games, displays, demonstrations, and practice, girls have fun while gaining the confidence they need to meet their personal and troop program goals! 


cookieWOW! Magazine // 2018

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