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Volunteer-in-Training Award

The Volunteer in Training Award is for Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors who would like to mentor a Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior, or Cadette group outside of the camp experience. If a girl has completed ninth grade, she is eligible to earn this award.

A Volunteer in Training project needs to span a three- to six-month period. To earn the Volunteer in Training Award a candidate must:

  1. Find an adult volunteer mentor who is currently the volunteer for a group of girls at the level she would like to work with. This volunteer will help her through her training and internship. The candidate will help the volunteer with her group of girls for a three- to six-month period.
  2. Complete a council-designed Volunteer in Training leadership course.
  3. Create and implement a thoughtful journey project that lasts over four or more sessions. Volunteers in Training might also help younger girls with a Take Action project. The Volunteer in Training is responsible for designing, planning, and evaluating the activities. If a girl is passionate about a topic such as art or technology she could design activities around this topic.

Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc. has designed a leadership course that is intended to be completed with the support of a troop/group volunteer.
  Volunteer in Training Guidelines

In order to complete the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc. leadership course, a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador must complete each section and have the troop/group volunteer with whom she is working sign it. All completed and signed sections must then be submitted to the Manager of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for approval. Mail the signed sections to:
  CICERO NY 13039-9393
or e-mail images of the signed sections to the Manager of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.