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Teen Mentoring Awards

When girls guide or teach others, they act as mentors. An exciting part of a Girl Scout's development, teen mentoring is a win-win proposition! As teen mentors, Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors gain experience by sharing skills, testing knowledge, and trying out new leadership roles. For the girls being mentored, it means a chance to be with and learn from teens—some of their favorite people!

For Cadettes: Cadette Program Aide
   Leader in Action Media

Leader in Action

Leader in Action Amaze
It's Your World—Change It!
Amaze/Brownie Quest
Leader in Action Media
It's Your Story—Tell It!
Media/A World of Girls
Leader in Action Breathe
It's Your Planet—Love It!
Breathe/Wonders of Water
The Leader in Action (LiA) award is earned by Cadettes who assist a Brownie group on any of their Journeys. There are three different LiA awards, one for each of the Journey series: It's Your World—Change It!, It's Your Planet—Love It!, and It's Your Story—Tell It!
To earn an LiA, you will share your organizational skills, use one of your special talents, teach Brownies something important from their Journey, and reflect on your experience. Complete requirements can be found in the Brownie Leadership Journey adult guides.

For Seniors and Ambassadors: Volunteer in Training Award
   Leader in Action Media