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Learn About Our Program

Any girl in grades K–12 can join the fun at Girl Scouts. Whether you want to be part of a troop, sign up for exciting series or events, explore the outdoors, or travel the world, each age level has something for you.

Our program centers on something called the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—a collection of activities and experiences you’ll have as you earn badges, sell cookies, go on exciting trips, explore the outdoors, do Take Action projects that make a difference, and more.


We know you want to make a difference in the world—and have fun doing it. She'll be able to do just that when she goes go on a Girl Scout Journey with her troop.

She’ll team up with friends to:


Identify a problem she wants to do something about


Come up with a creative solution


Create a team plan to make that solution a reality


Put her plan into action


Talk about what she learned—and what she can’t wait to do next!

There are three series of Journeys to choose from at every grade level:

It’s Your Story—Tell It!

It’s Your Planet—Love It!


It’s Your World—Change It!

Girls pick the Journey topic that interests them most, whether it’s caring for animals, helping others get healthy and fit, spreading kindness—or any other issue that’s really important to her.

As she goes on her Journey, she will earn awards to put on her uniform, which will serve to remind her of what she's accomplished and the fun she had along the way.

For more about the Girl Scout Journeys, visit Girl Scouts of the USA’s Journey page


Get your girl started on her Journey today!



We know kids have a lot going on—soccer practice, band rehearsals, drama club meetings and, oh yeah, that little thing called school. It all keeps her super busy, 24/7. So, we came up with a way for you to create your own Girl Scout experience, one that fits her interests and her schedule.

Just sign up for short series and one-time events on all kinds of topics. She might want to make a robot, learn a new fitness routine, attend an engineering expo, join a canoe-racing team, polish her anime and manga skills, develop a plan to pay for college, learn how to work on cars … well, you get the idea!




Girl Scouts love to travel—from the field trips they take as Brownies to the global adventures they go on as teens. If she loves exploring different places and cultures, then Girl Scouts is the place for her!

Girl Scout Destinations is the ultimate adventure program for girls ages 11 and older. With a ton of different trips to apply for every year—from surfing camp on the east coast and breathtaking hikes out west, to the crazy-cool wonder of new cultures abroad—there’s something amazing for everyone to experience.

GSUSA destinations are Nationally sponsored trips exclusively designed for Girl Scouts. Where can you go? Places like China, Switzerland, Patagonia, Peru, Scotland, Germany, and Mexico! Or visit any of the many destinations in the US. These are just a few of the possibilities; there are many more to choose from! Visit GSUSA for more information.

Girls apply individually for these trips. Each trip has its own application form that is downloaded from that destination's page on the GSUSA web site.

Here are a couple of brochures from GSUSA that you may find helpful:

For more information on Girl Scout Destinations, contact Customer Care at 1.315.698.9400 or 1.800.943.4414