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Board of Directors & Governance

Governance structures are part of every Girl Scout council and are defined by the council bylaws.

Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathway’s governing body is its board of directors. Under leadership of the chair, the board maintains the integrity & purposes of Girl Scouting within our council’s jurisdiction.

The board’s responsibilities include influence policy regarding the council goals, issues affecting girls, and issues affecting the business of the organization, as well as strategic planning, financial oversight, and fund development.

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Board of Directors 2022-2023


Tiffany Alvarez Smith, Board Chair
Syracuse, NY

Kathy Burke Barry, 1st Vice Chair 
Syracuse, NY

Katie MacIntyre, 2nd Vice Chair 
Auburn, NY

Susan Duerr, Treasurer
North Syracuse, NY

Cindy Demo, Secretary
Alexandria Bay, NY


Kim Lamar Shelton
Vestal, NY & Mansfield, PA

Judy Suddaby
Syracuse, NY

Carl McLaughlin
Watertown, NY

Judi Dixon 
Memphis, NY

Deb Sanderson
Norwich, NY

Debbie Calkins
Mansfield, PA

Sheri Seguin
Ogdensburg, NY

Paloma Sarkar
Oswego, NY

Mike Sabo
Endicott, NY

Michelle McCabe-Szczepanski
Binghamton, NY

Tiffany Campau
Syracuse, NY

Karen Roth
Stittville, NY 

Board Development Committee 2022-2023


Kim Lamar Shelton, Chair
Vestal, NY & Mansfield, PA

Judy Suddaby
Syracuse, NY

Katie MacIntyre
Auburn, NY

Deb Sanderson
Norwich, NY

Amy Nugent
Ogdensburg, NY

Kelly Berger
Syracuse, NY

Jenn Casler
Oswego, NY 

Council Delegates 2022-2023

Voting Members of the Corporation (council) are convened at the council’s Annual Meeting and special meetings of the corporation to elect the Board of Directors, Board Development Committee and National Council Delegates/Alternates as appropriate, in addition to approving council bylaws. 

Voting members of the corporation include the Board of Directors, Board Development Committee and Council Delegates.

Council Delegates consist of members age 14 and above and adult volunteers elected in their Service Unit (SU). 

Holly Young, SU 101
Amy Pfeifer, SU 101
Jenny Glennon, SU 101, Alternate
Kate McKay, SU 112
Meghan Cumber, SU 112
Aubrey Coyle, SU 112, Alternate 
Kaitlin Houghland, SU 137
Kathleen Houghland, SU 137, Alternate
Larissa Brenner, SU 139
Jennifer Erzen, SU 139
Theresa Johnson, SU 140
Jane Converse, SU 140, Alternate
Priscilla Larry, SU 213
Crystal Cornachia, SU 213, Alternate
Amy Mahardy, SU 240
Katherine Bootie, SU 271
Paula Brown, SU 271, Alternate
Amie Rouse, SU 325
Danielle Haines, SU 325, Alternate
Caitlyn Thompson, SU 343
Julie Smith, SU 343, Alternate
Helen Kittle, SU 364
Jennifer Cummings, SU 364, Alternate
Terri Lynn Haynes, SU 404
Deborah Schwarting, SU 404, Alternate
Katharine Smith, SU 405
Meghan Barbay, SU 405, Alternate
Rachel Stoneham, SU 417
Mercedes Westfall, SU 418
Katie Williams, SU 428
Beth Dewalt, SU 428
Nicole Benenati, SU 428, Alternate
Angelina Masotti, SU 431
Elizabeth Hosmer, SU 536
Molly Dennis, SU 438
Vicki Davis, SU 438, Alternate
Kathleen Cook, SU 439
Tressa Cortright, SU 440
Erica Mendelsohn, SU 440, Alternate
Carleen Lattin, SU 442
Sue Donohue, SU 501
Julianne Doyle, SU 501, Alternate
Florencia Vidal, SU 512
Ashley Durham, SU 514
Amy Nugent, SU 514, Alternate
Emmaleigh Fregoe, SU 515
Abbie Weems, SU 515, Alternate 


National Council Session Delegates 2022-2025

Tiffany Alvarez Smith, Board Chair
Julie Dale, CEO
Natalie Thompson, SU 343
Angilee Haberer, SU 108
Aubrey Coyle, SU 112
Genevieve McGuire-Griffin, SU 139
Caitlyn Thompson, SU 363
Kaitlin Houghland, SU 137, Alternate
Julie Smith, SU 343, Alternate
Amie Rouse, SU 325, Alternate