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New Leader Resources

Welcome! We are thrilled you've decided to be a volunteer and a leader for Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways! Here you will find resources and guides to help you on your journey.

Safety Activity Checkpoints - When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints written specifically for that particular activity.

Four Hours, For Her Promise - The Four Hours, For Her Promise is an open door for participation from family members to support a girl's troop activity.

Volunteer Essentials - Think of Volunteer Essentials as your guide to being a Troop Leader that will help from the time you have Daisies to Ambassadors!

New Leader Guide - Your go-to resource for starting your troop.

Family Guide - A guide for parents who are new to Girl Scouts and how they can support a girl's journey.

Financial Aid - The financial assistance program provides confidential, need-based financial assistance to an individual girl and adult Girl Scout members. 

Troop Account - Learn how to open a bank account for your troop.

Troop Training Bonus Form - Troops can request a $20 bonus after completing the FIVE essential GSNYPENN trainings.

Troop Co-Leader Agreement - Read the position description and agreement for co-leaders.

Policies: All members, volunteers, families and the public are responsible for compliance with policies when acting as a Girl Scout or interacting with Girl Scouts of the USA, GSNYPENN or other Councils. 

  • GSUSA policies are set forth here in the Blue Book of Basic Documents.
  • GSNYPENN policies are set forth here. In the event Council policy provides further detail than GSUSA policy, Council policy prevails.