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 Property Study

Master Planner Webinar
A webinar open to everyone was held on March 19, 2014. The camp master planner firm, Bonacci Architects, shared the feasibility study and suggestions for improvements at four camps – Amahami, Comstock, Hoover and Trefoil. They also recommended that a full master plan be developed for Comstock, and this was approved by our Board of Directors.

In case you were not able to attend the webinar, it was recorded and is available here.

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If you experience trouble watching the video above, you can download it to your own computer and view it that way.

If you prefer, you may view just the PowerPoint slides here.

Questions and feedback can be given by emailing Property Planning. Questions and Answers will be posted on this page.

Property Decision Communication
December 17, 2012

Thanks to everyone (girls, parents, and volunteers) who participated in one of the six town hall meetings this fall, and/or shared input through letters, drawings, and e-mails. We learned so much through your thoughtful questions and opinions. We discovered new insights that really shifted our thinking as we worked through our decision process because you helped us focus on the factors that mattered most to our members. These decisions were not easy as evidenced by the thorough two-year process to get here.

The two properties the Board had already decided to keep were Comstock (Ithaca, NY) and Trefoil (Harrisville, NY). The two properties we'll also be retaining are Amahami (Deposit, NY), and Hoover (Tully, NY).

In addition to the properties the Board had previously decided not to retain (Bayberry, Near Wilderness, and Sugar Creek), the Board has directed we also not retain Yaiewano (Auburn, NY) and Misty Hollow (Corning, NY). However, the Board has deferred action on Misty Hollow for a period up to three years, leaving the door open to the possibility of retaining this property if program participation increases and funding for operating costs can be secured.

What we heard from countless testimonials from alumnae and current girls is how transformational their outdoor experiences have been. We heard that these experiences were great because of the fun, friendships, and counselors/leaders that cared about girls as individuals and helped them grow. We also heard how the best counselors helped girls have adventures by exploring the special features at each camp. We look forward to hearing the stories of girls who explore our GSNYPENN properties, whose features include: Adirondack Park status, flat/fully handicapped accessible property, a lakefront location in the Finger Lakes, a fire tower, former Indian Village site, gorges, an island, a private pond for swimming, secluded locales, teepee, and yurt.

Thank you for recognizing that all of us deliberated this issue from the same place in our hearts -- that we care about today's girls and future generations of girls; that we believe outdoor experiences are important for girls; and that we are committed to strategies that will ultimately support all girls.

Sara Ayala
Chair, Board of Directors

Pam Hyland